Propane Smoker for A Variety of Tasty Food Items;

In order to have versatile meat cooking like pork, fish, chicken, lamb, burgers, brisket, steaks etc, there is a great smoker which comes with the name of Outdoor Leisure’s 34168G Smoke Hollow Propane Smoker. It can cook and prepare any type of food any time any where. It has some very useful features which are deficient in other smokers available in the market. Not to mention very affordable. The smoker provides all varieties of food with variable and delicious tastes. Once you’ve experienced meals cooked on this smoker you’ll wonder why it took you so long to start smoking your own foods.  Unlike other propane smokers, it does have more room to accommodate big food items mainly meat and it doesn’t take more time to convert it into delicious meals.

Outdoor Leisure Propane Smoker Features:Outdoor Leisure Propane Smoker

It has three grids which provide plenty of room for cooking and it provides heat fumes to all parts of the meat placed inside it. Therefore; you save time and the food prepared is found full of taste and flavor. You will be surprised to know that it hardly takes around 45 minutes to cook a heavy chicken up to the weight of 45 pounds.  These cooking grids are best for chicken; however other types of meats like pork, beef and mutton etc could also be cooked with the same quality.

This propane smoker possesses many of the marvelous features which differentiate it from the other products in the market. It is furnished with a gas smoker for making the food from meat and vegetables outdoors in the backyard or out on a camping trip. It contains an easy ignition button, and a durable and corrosion free wood chip box made up of porcelain. It does also have a pan to collect water.

The Smoke Hollow Propane Smoker is provided with grids in order to roast the meat until the last depth which is also essential to have good and memorable taste. The handles are manufactured in such a way that a person could operate and move it easily. It comes in a reasonable size which is appropriate for quick and easy movement.

Tuning Properties of This Propane Outdoor Smoker:

There are tuning properties in this propane smoker which make it possible to change the temperature according to your will. Your meats could be cooked slowly up to several hours or cooked quickly within minutes.


In summary, to have the best propane smoker, Outdoor Leisure’s Smoke Hollow Propane Smoker is the best opportunity to obtain high level of fun in outdoor areas. You will find great differences once you experience the use of this smoker. You will acquire a high level of pleasure with it because of the outing and also due to the ease of tasty and delicious smoked full flavored food.


Weber 17004 Apple Wood Chips, 3-Pound

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Weber 17004 Apple Wood Chips, 3-Pound

  • One of the most popular cooking woods
  • Apple wood chips creates less dense smoke
  • Fruity flavor benefits pork and poultry
  • Adds wood smoke flavor to your favorite foods
  • 3-Pound bag
Wood chips are great for adding wood smoke flavor to foods, or they can be the perfect alternative to charcoal briquettes as a heat source for grilling. Apple wood gives a slightly sweet, fruity smoke flavor that is great for poultry, game birds and pork (especially ham).

List Price: $ 7.49 Price: $ 3.48


Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker, 30"

  • 505 square inch cooking space on 3 adjustable chrome-plated cooking grates
  • Insulated, double-walled construction for maintaining even temperature
  • Porcelain wood chip and water pan
  • Chrome-plated handle
  • Temperature gauge with bezel
  • 504 Square Inch cast iron cooking grate
  • 3 Chrome-plated cooking grates
  • 1,500 Watt heating element
  • Porcelain wood chip and water pan; porcelain ash pan
  • Chrome-plated handle; Temperature gauge with bezel
The Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker is a great way to smoke all kinds of foods with a large smoking chamber and 3 adjustable cast iron cooking grates totaling 504 Square Inch The insulated, doubled walled construction is ideal for maintaining even temperature. This electric smoker features a 1,500 watt variable temperature heating element to heat wood chips and water for smoking, front mounted temperature gauge, porcelain water and wood chip pan, convenient porcelain ash pan and grease cup.

List Price: $ 189.00 Price: $ 154.39


Char-Broil Offset Smoker American Gourmet Deluxe Charcoal Grill

  • 670 square inches primary cooking area with 355 square inches of secondary cooking area
  • Porcelain coated cooking grate with chrome swing-away
  • Clean-out door for easy ash removal
  • Steel firebox for offset heat and slow smoke flavor
  • Convenient front shelf and wire bottom shelf
  • Combination smoker, BBQ and grill with a whopping 1,280 sq. inches of cooking surface - perfect for the smoker enthusiast with the space to cook for large groups
  • Main chamber with smokestack and adjustable damper indirectly cook on 670 sq. in. porcelain-coated wire grate PLUS a secondary 355 sq. in. chrome plated swing-away grate
  • Adjustable-height grate in firebox offers 255 sq. inches of cooking surface on porcelain-coated wire
  • Deluxe smoker features cool-touch spring handles, temperature gauge, and side clean-out door for hassle-free ash removal and fire tending
  • Convenient front work shelf and spacious bottom storage shelf; two wheels for easy mobility
The Char-Broil American gourmet deluxe offset smoker represents a great option for the smoker enthusiast with the space to cook for large groups. With a total cooking area of 1,280 square inch, there's plenty of room to cook your whole meal. The offset fire box allows for classic indirect cooking through the transmission of smoke, flavor, and low heat, through the cooking chamber. The main cooking chamber has a 670 square inch porcelain wire cooking grate and a 355 square inch chrome wire swing-away rack. The third cooking surface, in the firebox, is 255 square inch. There is a side door in the offset smoker box for easy ash removal. The grill features a temperature gauge, 2 wheels for easy mobility, a convenient front shelf and wire bottom shelf. As with all grills, we recommend keeping the firebox clean to help avoid flare ups as well as using a grill cover to protect your investment.

List Price: $ 299.00 Price: $ 209.98


Meco 5030 Electric Grill and Combination Water Smoker

  • Interlocking base & body
  • 351 square inches of usable cooking surface
  • Two chrome-plated cooking grids with handles for two-level cooking
  • Stainless steel 5.5 quart water pan
  • Heat resistant wooden side and hood handles
  • Sliding access doors for checking & adding water & wood chips
  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Flavor channels direct smoke for maximum food flavoring, as well as add structural strength to the smoker
  • Heavy-duty reinforced steel legs for extra strength and durability
  • UL-listed 1500-watt, CUL-listed heating element plugs into standard household outlet
  • When used as a grill, reflector pan directs heat to cooking surface
  • Converts to electric Lock'n'Go portable grill
  • Unit assembled dimensions: 37" H x 21.5" W x 27" D
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • 53" Truck Qty: 864
Chimney-like design with a loose-fitting, vented lid and tight-fitting doors creates a constant flow of new smoke for maximum flavor. Smoke flow may be minimized, without extinguishing the smoking source, by shutting all vents and only allowing smoke to vent around hood perimeter. Slow cooking feature allows for maximum flavor and moisture, perfecting a juicy and tender product with less effort.The smokers are specifically made to have a gap. It allows for minimal air flow and venting that the smoker needs to smoke properly. No more tending the coals every hour when smoking meats; Meco's Combo Water Smoker offers optimal control, longer cook time, and less monitoring than traditional charcoal smokers. Perfect for smoking chicken, fish, and other meats to a savory finish, the combo smoker coils boil water to produce steam and burn wood chips to produce smoke that, together, more efficiently penetrate and flavor meats while they cook. The combo smoker features a removable thermostat control with low, medium, and high settings for smoking just about anything, from thin strips of sockeye to thick beef briskets. The smoker plugs into standard household outlets and converts quickly into an electric, lock-and-go, portable grill. Two nickel-plated, 15-1/2-inch cooking grids let you cook at different levels. With 351 square inches of cooking surface, there's room to smoke nearly 50 pounds of meat at once. A stainless pan holds 5-1/2 quarts of water to last up to five hours for extended smoking operations. Sliding access doors make it easy to check water levels and add more if necessary. Meco designed this smoker so that you can add wood and water without even removing the cover, so heat loss is minimal and meats are tender. A 1500-watt heating element ensures even heat distribution from top to bottom. Heat-resistant wood handles on the sides and hood mean easy transport and monitoring. And, the grids inside are equipped with durable handles, so there's no messy oven mitt to clean afterward! --Brian Olson

List Price: $ 158.39 Price: $ 88.25


Aluminum Thai Lao Korean Charcoal Barbecue Stove BBQ Grill 30cm 12"

  • Korean charcoal barbecue with aluminum grill where you can barbecue sliced meats and shrimp
  • This restaurant quality grill measures 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter
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Korean charcoal barbecue with aluminum grill where you can barbecue sliced meats and shrimp. The juices drip into the outer ring where you can add vegetables, rice noodles, and bullion to make soup. Make sure to have hot chili sauce for the meat. Also put a chunk of pork fat on the top to keep the meat from sticking. When you are finished, it can be cleaned with oven cleaner. Free shipping+ gift+ tracking no when purchase from Customer-Satisfaction-Motto

Price: $ 64.00


All In One Outdoor Cooker

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Price: $ 26.64


Landmann USA 3695BGD Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker, 36-Inch

  • Smoky mountain vertical gas smoker with wide smoking chamber
  • Five adjustable cooking grates and steel water pan and wood chip box
  • Includes grease pan
  • Rotary igniter and cast brass burner
  • Cast Brass cap has a 10 year warranty
There is no end to the amount of smoked delicacies you can create with this Smoky Mountain vertical gas smoker. The wider smoker chamber allows for larger cuts of meat with the 1576 square-inch cooking area. The large full size magnetic door system with welded hinges give you complete access to add wood and water when needed. The heavy duty steel construction makes it a durable appliance that will last for years and the square wide stance legs add stability. It has a fully adjustable heat control and front door temperature gauge. The adjustable top chimney and side damper vents allow optimum temperature control. Easy to use rotary ignited and a cast brass burner for long life and distributes heat more evenly. Also included are five adjustable chrome plated cooking grates, a porcelain coated steel water pan, a heavy duty steel wood chip box with lid and grease pan. The smoker door has a large nylon plastic handle and the two large steel side handles make it easy to move smoker, when needed. Large 18,000 BTU burner. Smoker is easy to assemble.

List Price: $ 599.99 Price: $ 490.51


48″ Gas Smoker (Powder Coated Black)

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48" Gas Smoker (Powder Coated Black)

48" Black Powder Coated with Stainless Steel Door Vertical Gas Meat Smoker. Smoke your favorite wild game or domestic meats in this easy-to-use Gas Meat Smoker.

Price: $ 490.00